Comprehensive Insurance Review

Annuities and Life Insurance

CHA can help clients achieve well-balanced portfolios with the ability to secure competitively priced policies for life insurance, retirement plans, and tax-deferred accrual of gains and interest. We understand the importance of your financial security and know you do not want to take chances with it. Insurance is an affordable way to help protect your assets from the burdens of unexpected circumstances. Ask one of our professionals about the different types of insurance (long-term care, long-term disability, Medi-care supplement, permanent life, term life and more).

Tax Deferred Annuities

If you are concerned about taxes, an annuity can help you reach your investment objectives without raising your taxes. Annuities are retirement planning investments that allow you to reinvest your interest and dividends on tax-deferred basis. This helps reduce your tax bill in two ways:

(1) By reinvesting rather than taking payment of the income you earn, you reduce your taxes in the current year.

(2) The interest and dividends reinvested into a tax-deferred annuity are not included when calculating the income taxes you may owe on your Social Security payments. There are three different types of annuities including fixed, immediate, and variable.

Let CHA review your current insurance portfolio

Need a second opinion? Call us today or set up a free consultation and we will meet with you to review your current insurance portfolio and offer suggestions on how to improve your selections.